Background Check Policy Statement and Process

Updated Sunday January 27, 2019 by SJWAA.

SJWBaseball Background / Safe SPort Act Policy

I. Purpose

To provide a procedure and establish guidelines for all persons to comply with all National, State, Babe Ruth and Cal Ripken laws, rules and regulations as it pertains to safety of the kids who play at our park.
II. Scope
This policy will apply to all Volunteers, including but not limited to board members, managers, coaches, or any team representative that would be on the fields or in the dugouts in proximity of kids. 
III. Policy
(1) Background checks are mandatory for all and must be completed through the leagues portal system.
(2) Safe Sports Act training is mandatory. All Volunteers must complete the following three courses which can be found ar
SafeSport: Mandatory Reporting
SafeSport: Sexual Misconduct Awareness Education
SafeSport: Emotional and Physical Misconduct
The certificates which are given after these classes must be presented to the league and will be kept on file by the league.
(3) Both of the above requirements must be completed on a yearly basis.
(4) All volunteers will be considered as “Mandatory Reporters” by our league. The definition and responsibility of this title can be learned, and they will be held to, in the courses above.
(5) The league, in addition to proper authorities, shall be notified in writing of any possible issues immediately.
IV. Violations
Any non-compliant persons will not be allowed to be in contact with kids on fields or dugouts, and will be immediately removed from the situation. 
Further or continued violation will be reviewed to the SJWB Board for further punitive action to include up to disbanding from league.  
All Volunteers must acknowledge the potential legal responsibility they are undertaking by agreeing to this policy.
The attachment below is both a hard copy of this policy AND instructions on how to access and take the Safe SPort Act courses which are required.

SafeSportsAct Policy Sheet.pdf